Broken hyperlinks

I have a student who has 5 pages on her web page. Before Chrismas break her links were working just fine, now her hyperlinks are all broken. Why?

I’ve struggled with this before too. Here’s what I found:

  • When you click on the link, does it just go nowhere? This means that the link itself is not done correctly. The name of the file might be off or there’s a set of quotation marks missing; something like that.
  • When you click, does it go to a white page? This means that this is an error on either the page linking from or linking to. Any error will keep it from working correctly. Once the errors are corrected, the links should work.
    Hope this helps!

Why was it working perfectly fine before? We had a week off and then suddenly it stopped working.

Did the student make any changes - even small ones, that could’ve involved an error?

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There was nothing new or changed. We had been out of school for break. She came to class and logged on. Everything was fine before the break. Now the links are broken. We spent the whole class period going back to the beginning of adding hyperlinks. Either it was written correctly to begin with or it wasn’t. I could understand if it never worked correctly, but I don’t understand how it worked and now it doesn’t.


There are a couple things that could have happened.

  1. The code was changed after the student tested it, and she forgot that she’d made a small difference. She could use Version History to try out an earlier version of her code.

  2. It worked before, but only on the stand-alone sharing mode, which is more forgiving than the embedded edit mode of Web Lab. In that case, the error existed the entire time, but she didn’t notice because she was looking at the share link version and not the Web Lab version. (The Web Lab version is on a more sensitive system, so it has more restrictions.)

  3. The browser was updated, and errors that the browser forgave before are now showing up in the code.

Can you paste in the “Share” link from the project? We can take a look and help you debug.


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The page is working on the stand-along sharing site, but not in the Web Lab editor. That’s because there are a few problems with the code, which is also causing some of the code to show up pink.

For example, in the link tag on lines 3 and 4, the tag is missing a >, so it isn’t closed.

Also, on line 16, the closing </p> tag is mistyped as <p/>.

Once the syntax errors are corrected in the code, the links should work in Web Lab, too. There might be more syntax errors, but those are the ones that I noticed because of the pink text. There are also errors on the other pages, which will probably keep those links from working in Web Lab, too.


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The problem was the missing closed Link tag. This is very frustrating since they were all working previously. It seems in-explainable when this is new to me and trying to explain it this to a 5th grade student as well. Thank you for your time and your help.