Pink code for </body> and </html>

I have a student who wrote his code and everything has a starting and ending tag, but at the end the body and html tags are pink. What would cause that?

The body and html tags can only appear pink if something isn’t closing. It would be helpful if you linked the code so we could see what’s going on.

There’s no project with this channel ID. Did you paste the right one?

Wait, nevermind, it looks like your student can’t share projects. Make sure that sharing is on.


If the sharing doesn’t work for you, you could copy and paste the code here as well. Like @wutadam says, there’s probably a tag unclosed, but it could be anywhere in the code … not necessarily where you are seeing the pink text.



It might be thinking that <hr> needs a closing tag when it doesn’t. Try adding </hr> for each <hr>.


I don’t see an obvious reason, but it could be because the tags are in all caps. Normally, they would be all lower case.

You could try that and if it still doesn’t solve the problem, I would suggest copying and pasting it into a word or google doc and then putting the opening and closing <body> and <html> tags along with the opening and closing <head> </head> tags back in and then adding each section back in one at a time until the code malfunctions again.

Otherwise, html is pretty forgiving, so if the page looks ok, I would just let it go, but it can be frustrating for a student to see that …


Hmmm … I haven’t ever seen that before. I haven’t ever seen a closing </hr> tag and am not sure it’s even valid html, but I guess you could try.


<hr> doesn’t need a closing tag, but the formatter might not know that. That’s what I think, at least.

Thank you for your replies. I just tried putting the ending tag in and that does clear the pink code.

Good to know. I will see if I can reproduce it and if so, I will report it as a bug. </hr> tags don’t even really exist in html5.

Good luck!


I have had students have issues when they use capital letters rather than lowercase. They look like they’re being used consistently so that may not be the issue.