Error on </body> & </html>

Link to the project or level:
What I expect to happen:
[Close the body and html sections in the coding.]
What actually happens:
[Everything looks and behaves correctly, however the body> and html> of the and tags appear pink as if there’s an error. ]
What I’ve tried:
[I’ve looked through all the coding to double check that it all looks correct. This is the outline I ask them to follow:
< !DOCTYPE html>

< html>

 < head>

 < /head>

 < body>


 < /body>

< /html>

His coding follows this perfectly, and still shows an error.]

Ideas? Thank you in advance!

The link you submitted is just the generic link for that unit. Can you have the student share the project and send us the shared link?



I guess I don’t know how to have the student share it. I have sharing enabled, but I can’t find instructions I can give to my student on how to share it.

For that project, there should be a “share” button at the top of the page on activity 5 (continuation of activity 4).

Once they click on that, they will have a link they can share.


The basic outline you’ve provided is accurate, but there could be a very small error somewhere between the body tags causing the closing body and/or the closing html tags to turn pink. If you can’t find the share option, you could post a screenshot for us to work from.