Can one reopen an assessment for editing?

I select the editable toggle, save, but student are unable to edit there assessment. To be clear- this is after they have submitted. I want them to take a new look and resubmit.

Can I have a little more clarification on what type of assignment and what lesson you’re looking at? Is this a large project where students have pressed “submit?” or an assessment?

Yes an assessment. Scenario- We took Unit 5 Assessment, several students did poorly. So I went to lock settings for the assessment and chose editable, then save. Students were still unable to change answers. I wonder whether they need to log off then back on or what?

Hello @tom1 ! The process for which students retake assessments has changed a bit. For students to redo an assessment, try these steps:

  1. Re-unlock the assessment for them
  2. Have students navigate to the last page of the assessment in question, such as at for CSP Unit 5
  3. Click “unsubmit” at the bottom of the page
  4. Students can then change their answers and re-submit

Let us know at if that doesn’t work!

Thanks- I will try it and report back!