Can students reorder screens in App Lab?

I have teams of 3-4 creating their part of a larger app and when they share them to create one larger app, they will probably be out of order. How can they reorder the screens to the correct order?

Hi @merazd,

It seems like the screens will be out of order but I think the teams will be okay. Whomever in the team imports the other screens, they should see the screens in alphabetical order from the dropdown once they are imported. So, as long as the ids are named alphabetically - they will displayed in order on the dropdown. The most important is that the first screen is marked as default so it is the first one displayed when a user hits run button. The teal default button can be found in design mode for screens that are not currently default. Once the default screen is set correctly, the designer just uses the dropdown menu to change screens that need editing. The user of the app will go to whichever screen the code tells them to go. So order is a little bit arbitrary after the default screen is set.

FYI - here is the documentation for importing screens if you need it. Don’t forget that all elements from all team members must be named uniquely (can’t have 2 buttons with the id of “button2”).

Hope that helps,

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Hello! I don’t see the word default for the screens. One student when she pushes run, it changes the first screen to not the home screen.

Hi @jessicab,

When you click on a screen that is NOT the default screen and then go to design mode, you will see the “Make Default” button. This will make the screen the home or default screen.

Hope that helps!


My students always hit this by mistake!