U3 L8 App page order

How can you change the order of the page that shows up when the app first runs. We set the screen at the beginning of the code, but the wrong screen still appears first, then quickly changes to the home screen that we set.

Hopefully, we do not have to start over and do the home page first. Thank you!

Can you share a link to the app? I’ve see this before and usually it is because there a setScreen that gets run outside of any event handlers. In other words, the app runs and immediately sets the screen to show one that isn’t intended.

You can set the default first screen in design mode by clicking Make Default.

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To expand on Don’s answer:

The Default screen is the one that will appear first when the app is run. In Design mode, you can set a default screen by going to the screen (using the dropdown menu) then looking at the properties. There will be a purple button that says “Make Default” (you may have to scroll down to find it) on that screen.

Make sure that you or your students do not click on any of the elements on the screen - the screen itself must be selected for the “Make Default” to appear.

This is not only helpful when sharing screens between students, but also when debugging a particular screen. Make the screen the student is debugging the Default so that the student can debug quickly rather than having to navigate through the app to the location of the bug. Just make sure to swap the home screen back afterwards!


Thank you all. We’ve got it now.

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