Can students work on both unit 2 and unit 3 at the same time?

I was wondering if students had the ability to choose between unit 2 and 3. Meaning some of the class would be working on Websites while the other is working with apps and gaming?

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Yes. You can only designate one unit as the “current” unit, but if you provide direct links to the students to access the individual lessons, they can access any lesson in any unit even if it isn’t the current one.

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Thank you! In your opinion, could students work through these two units independently? Or would they be better served being facilitating by a teacher day to day? (I teach 7th and 8th graders)

I think it depends on the students. Some would be fine and others would need more help. There is a lot of scaffolding and support, but students may not realize that and know how to access all of those helpful resources. I would probably have a pacing for “most students” and let some advanced students move ahead if they prove themselves capable of doing that.