Can this grab random images, quotes and things like that from a button?

I have been trying to grab random things from the internet once a button is pushed like a peaceful image or a joke or inspirational quote but am having trouble with the coding for it. I am not sure that I will be able to do that but I can’t find any lesson on this type of thing either so I might as well ask any other teacher…
Kevin Murphy

Hi Kevin,

You might want to look at the startWebRequest block documentation as a place to start. You would likely need to find an API that will give you a random quote or joke in order to make this happen. Keep sharing if you figure out any ways to do this.


I never ended up getting one to work right with the API so I basically lead each button to a random # and then had that assigned to a URL of a picture or quote. It seemed like an easy way around that not working the way I wanted it to and this way I can censor what goes on there and also let the kids have control of what pictures they would want up there.


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