UI String Error-- HELP

Hello everyone,

I have this app , but it keeps generating UI String Errors… The app works, but you have to click on the button several times ( like 10-20 times before it works) the generate button will show a random student, with birthday, grade, name and display image----- I’ve also sorted it out by grade, sophmore, junior, and seniors… like it said it works but after clicking on it after 20 times…

Hi @dajanim,

Cool app! Before we debug, can you please confirm that this is not for a student’s Create Performance Task submission?

If not, is this for a specific CS Principles lesson? If you could provide the unit & lesson number, that would be very helpful for us to look at the lesson plan. If it is just an app your student is making as a side project, can you describe the functionality you’re hoping to get out of the app?

Thank you!
–Michael K.

I can confirm this is not a students create performance task submission. This is my personal Project… we went over the Hackathon project for Unit 6 Lesson 13.
I Just don’t know why I’m getting errors, and i don’t know what UI string is about… which is why I’m asking for help on it…