Unit 5- Random Dog Picker


My student created a Random Cat Picker app that is almost identical to the Random Dog Picker in Unit 5. I have removed the brackets, but continue to get the UI String error. Please help.


In accordance with the College Board’s guidelines for AP CS Principles Exam, we limit the debugging assistance we provide from March through the submission deadline for the Create Task.

From page 14 of the CB’s student handouts:

“you may not seek assistance in writing, revising, amending, or correcting your work, including debugging the program, writing or designing functionality in the program, testing the program, or making revisions to the program, from anyone other than your collaborative partner(s). "

Please verify this project is not part of a student’s Create Task for AP CS Principles.

If it is, we can only verify whether there is a technical issue with the platform causing the bug. If it is not, we are happy to help locate the bug and provide guidance on fixing it!

Thank you!

This assignment is not for the Create Task

The student is referring to two items with the same variable name. On line 20, birdColor refers to an item from the dropdown list whereas the student also has a list by the same name. Changing the variable on line 20 should solve the issue

Thank you. I will have them use your reply to make adjustments this week.