Can you duplicate blocks in artist?

When I right click, it doesn’t show the option.

Hello @andersonk1,

If your aware you can also use CTRL + C & CTRL + V respectively to use copy paste as this is generally accepted by most programs for copying and pasting I’ve checked just now and that seems to work just fine, I usually prefer key shortcuts over the menu UI stuff so I’m not sure if CDO did it intentionally

Thank you so much for your response! Yes, I did see that you can copy and paste the blocks, but only one block at a time. I was hoping to duplicate a group of blocks at once. Thanks again!

Could be wrong, but I think you can drag the mouse in the empty space of a program to make a box, and then continue dragging the mouse to highlight multiple blocks of code. Then you can use the ctrl + c shortcuts like @varrience said to duplicate it.

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll try that!