Code Studio Duplicate Screen


Is there a way to duplicate a screen in Code Studio? A student wants to use the same basic elements on several different screens, and I feel like I knew the answer to this in the past…but now I can’t find it.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


Here is the documentation for importing a screen from another app.

I hope this helps!


That’s EXACTLY the page I was looking for. I could not find it, for whatever reason. Thank you!!!


Is there also a way to duplicate a screen within the same project? We imported to a new project and then imported the screen back, but is there a way to skip that step?


@kmi8961 right now there is no easier way to copy a page. You had to do it the long way.



In case folks are still interested, you now can duplicate a page from within App Lab (yay!). From Design Mode, select the screen you want to duplicate and you should see a teal “Duplicate” button. This will create a new copy of the screen and all of its elements. Note that all of the IDs will follow the default ID pattern (eg button1, screen2).


Awesome! Thank you for implementing this feature AND for taking the time to find and reply to this thread!