Duplicate a design screen within the same app

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I have found the documentation for importing a screen from another app, but what about duplicating a screen within the same app? I know that they could copy and paste the code, but I’m looking to duplicate the sophisticated design elements they made.

Can anyone help?


Here is a link to a previous thread that dealt with the same topic.

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I think the process would be the same. Share the app and then import the screen. I haven’t tried it but it should work even if you are importing from the same app.


This doesn’t work. It just saves over the screen and a new one is not created.

The documentation you reference is for importing a screen from another app.

Too bad - I have students spending alot of work on designs in multi-screen apps and want to have a consistent look without spending all the time to re-create the screen.


I see what you are saying. Another long way might be to create a new app and import the screens and copy and paste the code into the new app. Rename the screen that you want to duplicate and all its elements such as buttons and textboxes then import the screen again. Repeat this process to get as many copies as you want. You have to rename the screens and screen elements. It will not let you import if there is anything in the app with the same name. So if you have a “Screen1” and a “Back” button on the screen, you will have to rename the screen to “Screen2” and the button to “Back2” in order to be able to import another copy of Screen1. Not sure if this way is easier than to just create the screens from scratch!

Why can’t there just be a “duplicate screen” feature in the drop-down menu in Design mode?

Hi @iflude,

You are in luck! That feature was recently added. You will need to click on the screen element to be able to see the properties window. It should look like the image below. Notice the teal Duplicate button on the right.

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Wooohoo! Thank you for letting me know! This is great news.

Have a good one!