ID HELP ...Multiple Screens

We have students wanting the same button or image on multiple screens which take you back to a HOME screen. We thought it was be nice to use the same ID for each of these buttons which LOOK the same and serve the same ONEVENT function. Applab is forcing the students to create a new ID for each button creating multiple ONEVENT functions.


Can someone explain why?

Additionally, we love the IMPORT SCREEN feature but it doesn’t allow you to import a screen from the CURRENT program. It only appears to import screens from past programs. Please help. Is it possible to “copy” a screen in the same program?



The reason we cannot have buttons or images with the same ID is that all of the UI elements are global. The IDs defining them are global variables. Hence, all UI elements can be accessed inside any event handler evoked from any screen element. You cannot have two global variables with the same name.

I don’t think it is possible to import a screen from the current program. I will ask the team and get back to you if this is not the case.

A workaround for importing screens into the same app would be to remix the app and then import. This would basically create a new app which would be a copy of the current app.

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Great IDEA! Thanks so much!