Transferring a project from one code studio lesson to another

One of my students would like to transfer a project – or at least the design screens of that project – from one code studio lesson to another. The 'Import screen … ’ tool only seems to work for AppLab → Code Studio transfers, however. What do we do? Thanks!

I’ve had students do this at the project levels in Code Studio. So that does work on Code Studio. The only suggestion I have is to make sure that the screen names are changed before importing. If I remember correctly one cannot import screens that have the same name.

Hmmm. It didn’t work for us. We got an error when we tried.

Which levels are you trying to use? I tried this in unit 6. I just took the random forecaster app screen 1 from Lesson 12 and imported it into a practice level in lesson 7 level 9. It worked for me. Let me know what levels you are using and I’ll try to see if it works for me or not.

Alright. I’ll have my student duplicate it tomorrow and a I’ll tell you how it goes. Thanks!