Can you get from an 'embed' to the code of an app?

Hi everyone

Is it possible to get from an ‘embed’ of an app (from the app lab) to the code of the app (and then remix it)??


  • As so many solutions to the programs are freely available, we have started creating our own.
  • I wanted to give my students access to a working version of the app so they can review the functionality at their own speed. I used the ‘embed’ feature to add it to the assignment (we use Canvas).
  • I am now grading assignments and some of the students’ solution mirror my own very closely.

I have a couple of theories about how this might have happened. One is that it’s possible to get from the embed code to the coding screen in the app lab. Can anyone confirm.

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Answering my own question: Yes, you can. Dammit.

<iframe width="392" height="620" style="border: 0px;" src="<UNIQUE CODE>/embed"></iframe><UNIQUE CODE>
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That’s frustrating; unfortunately, I don’t know of any way to disable this given how App Lab works.

One workaround might be to comment out a block hidden somewhere that says, “I copied this program directly from my teacher” or something to that effect. It might spook them into realizing that you’re onto them if they see it. Or if they don’t, you can ask them about that line of code in their submitted assignment.

–Michael K.

I think, going forward, I will include a video rather than the app. It’s not as useful but clearly I have to adjust my approach.

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