Cannot switch back to Blocks

A student had switched over to text while she was fixing a few errors. We were unable to go back to block until we fixed the error. We worked on the code and there are no more red boxes or yellow triangles, but she still cannot go back to block. She continues to receive a pop up that says she has to correct the errors. We have refreshed the browser several times.
What else can we do?

Could you share the link to the project? There must be some text that is not recognizable.

There was something wrong with the filter method. I just changed it a bit (added braces around the for loop and added a space after the “==”). It now toggles properly. Here is the project.

That’s interesting. We found a missing { on 28 to start the loop and a missing } on 33 to end it. We just figured it out as well, but with a different solution

My bad, same solution for both of us.
Would you mind running the code and seeing if you can help us with the following:
When we run the code the setText for Income and PercentChange are not updating for us properly. Any idea what we are missing?

The problem is in your filter method. I have changed it. You will need to add all the conditions to get it to work.

Same student, new issue.
She wants to grab information from one cell based on the drop down selection the user makes. Is that possible and if so, how?

Thanks for the help.
This project is a mess. Sorry for the emails

She would need to filter the column based on the selection, just like she is doing now. But, this time only one cell element would be selected. She would then need to update the area where she is displaying the information.

Thank yoi

David Zulkiewski