Runs in Text mode, not block?



Has anyone encountered an error where the students’ code will run perfectly in TEXT mode, but when switched to BLOCK mode, code will not run?
Here is what I have done or instructed the kids to do in order to troubleshoot:

  • Refresh page (sometimes works)
    ** Peer review for debugging (2 or more reviews)*
    ** Examining it myself with solution code/examining problem proposed*
    ** Copy/paste code in to a blank project page just to see if it responds the same.*
    I’m sure each case is unique, but I wanted to know if anyone experienced this same issue and if it’s merely a refresh rate issue with the appLab. Thanks! =)


I have not experienced that, but it sounds like something that needs a “bug request”. You can submit those in the top right hand corner. Does that happen a lot to you?


@kim.zocco can you provide a link to a project that does this?