Code not running



For one of my student, despite him writing the correct code, the expected result doesn’t show up. I have tried switching stations and logging him with a different account. Any suggestions would be helpful.


You may be doing this way better than I, but I noticed if my student’s code wasn’t running I had made a minor mistake in debugging like adding a space or omitting a capitol letter that I needed like in StrokeWeight where the second word has a capitol and no space.


Thanks for your response! But I had copy-pasted my student’s program onto my account and it worked fine. He is working in text and not blocks.


Could you report this as a bug with some specifics such as lesson #, bubble #, etc? To report it as a bug, go to the pancakes in the upper right corner and you will see the link. Or you can find the link in the lesson plan under Support on the right side. Hopefully the team can figure out why the code isn’t running correctly for your student.


Yes I will do so. Thanks!