Cannot View Teacher Solution

I cannot view a suggested solution when logged in to my students’ accounts. I put a ticket in last week and have not heard back from

Can you let us know which lesson? Also, usually the solutions are in the teacher account, but not always the student accounts – at least for CS discoveries, but if you let me know which lesson and activity, I’m happy to look.

Usually is quick to respond, so perhaps it got lost in the cracks. You could try reaching out to them again.


Thank you for reaching out!
I am teaching multiple sessions of Courses C, D, E, and F. I am logged as a teacher via Clever. None of the classes have the option to show the suggested solution. Here is an example of 1 class but I have 16 total classes with the same problem.

Thanks for the extra information. Can you give me an example of what lesson you are looking for a solution on? Not all of them have suggested solutions, so if I know which lesson to look at, that may help.


Thank you again for your follow up. Interestingly enough, when I went to get an example for you, I saw the suggested solution is now visible!

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