Teacher Solutions


Last week I was able to click on the teacher solutions and help my 6th graders that are working in the Express Fundamentals. Today I went to assist one of my students and it is making me select TEACHER-GRADE-STUDENT SOLUTION but I never get the solution for the problem.

I am at a loss. I do not want to fail my students. Having the solutions I was at least able to help them because they were ahead of me in the program. Can this PLEASE be corrected so that we can just click on it and view the Solution as the Teacher again, and be able to move on. Thank you so much.


We’ll take a look immediately!

As always, if something isn’t working properly, feel free to email support@code.org and it will put a ticket into our system to make sure things are working properly.



Hi Harriet,
Sorry to hear you’re unable to access solutions. I’m a Product Manager on our team working on this feature. We’re not aware of any problems like this, but I’d like to help you investigate further so we can fix this for you. Could you send me a link to a puzzle where you are experiencing this problem?
If you have any screenshots of what you see on the screen, it would be great if you could email those to support@code.org (just add “To: Ryan” in your message) - that would be very helpful!



I am having the same problem in Lesson 22 puzzle 7: Variables in play lab, CS Fundamentals Express course. I need a solution for this and the solution button does not work. The students and I cannot figure out a solution for this to make it work. It just shows me my work space.