Changing Progress Bubbles Light Green to Dark Green

In Hour of Code, Minecraft, I assigned students to go back to lessons with light green progress bubbles to repeat the lesson with fewer blocks. However, the color of the bubbles are not changing to dark green when this is done. Is there a way for them to correct this? Or should I go back and change my instructions?
Thank you!

Hi @kbriscoe,

Hm. Assuming students are doing everything correctly on their end, my understanding of the progress bubbles is that they should fill in on your end when students complete things on their end. If this isn’t happening, I would think there might be a technical issue and you should contact

To make sure it’s not a problem on the student end, I might create my own student account in my classroom and finish some lessons and see if that’s properly reflected in the teacher dashboard.


Thank you! I did try that. Same result. If I used too many blocks, the lesson bubble would fill with light green. When I clicked and corrected the lesson with fewer blocks, the correct number, it never changed to dark green. I tried several times. I’m hoping there’s a way to change this.

Ah, okay, I’m getting a better picture of what you’re saying is happening. Sorry, I wasn’t clear on your previous mention of number of blocks since I’m not familiar with those specific lessons. But yes, it does seem like a bit of a special case that sounds like partial credit vs full credit… since it seems potentially more nuanced than some other lessons, maybe that nuance is causing some bug in the code, I’m not sure. :man_shrugging:

I suggest describing the issue to and also send the usernames of some of the affected accounts as well as your username so they can look into specific examples.