Student Progress and the exporting the green circles

This is most relevant to Unit 3 and probably 5 where Studio and AppLab is where students spend all their time. I need to turn the students green circles in to grades on assignements. the fact that Studio essentially “grades” the work for me by not letting the student progress is GREAT! I also like the fact that the student actually can choose to progress and get a yellow or white circle. HOWEVER, there is no way that I can find to export those circles in to a format where I can import or transcribe them in to my grade book. How do people put grades in a grade book for this stuff?

Personally I tend to only grade the last bubble and I often look for some specific thing (like good ID Names or format of the code). I piloted last year before the automated checking was done and I still don’t really “trust” it. Sometimes it seems like it lets people go with things I don’t think should pass and others it seems overly picky and frustrates everyone.

I also like to emphasize creative components so I tend to grade the mini-projects where there is some room for self expression.

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I also only check certain bubbles. I usually use 5 - 3 - 0 or 2 - 1 - 0 point ranges (met - developing-no attempt). I check whether they met the requirements in the instructions. I move the blue bubbles to google classroom for grading.


In the interest of full transparency the green bubbles are something of an artifact from the curriculum development tools we use here at There’s certainly instances when they’re useful for tracking student progress, but the curriculum team wouldn’t advise just looking at bubble colors without ever examining student code more closely. Writing validation for open-ended projects like students do in this course can be challenging and even results from our validation should be taken with a grain of salt. Something like what Caroline or Andrea suggest are a good way to scope the total grading you are doing while ensuring you have a good sense for how students are progressing through the lesson.

I usually check each student’s work individually and use a check or check-minus (depending on whether or not they followed the directions) I have found that there are several times in Unit 3 that they could proceed without ever making the required changes for that level, which gives them the green circle. Going through this way is a little time consuming but it does allow me to find out which students need a little more one-on-one instruction.

So, I have found that in general, the bubbles in Unit 3 turtle programming work well for monitoring students progress. I am clear with students up front that the system is programmed to look for very specific things and it can’t really be otherwise. I think it actually is a great real-life example of the limitations and difficulties of code. They get it. Also, if the students find a way around to intentionally not learn the objective, that’s fine with me too. They will struggle on the Performance Task.

The two to three weeks where students work on stage 4-9 and the performance task have been some of the most entertaining and rewarding of my career. Students who were previously struggling saw success and built knowledge and were deeply creative.

I would love a way to harvest the bubbles. I love the bubbles.


All right, Steve. Now you’ve done it. Can we hire you to go on the road and convince everyone to “love the bubbles” :slight_smile:

FWIW - we’re working on the “harvesting bubbles” issue.

Here, Steve. I made you a T-shirt :slight_smile:


Love this! Missed it the first time around.

I now have some assignements that re called “Green Bubble Assignments” which roughly means that I am just checking to see if it is completed and not necessarily for “correctness”.


@baker any progress on an export of this stuff? Something really simple like:

| Student Name | Student Email | Unit# | Stage# | % of Bubbles Green |

| Mitzi Gomez | | 5 | 9 | 100 |

| Bobby Smith | | 5 | 9 | 62 |

@baker even if I could just get it to print or display on one page that would be helpful but the window on the page is constrained so on the longer stages I can’t even see all the bubbles for that stage and if I can’t see the green bubbles I get kinda antsy. I love the green bubbles.

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As I continue to obsess…

I figured out how to tweek the table wrapper to see more bubbles. (More Bubbles! More Cowbell!)

The little video above shows how to use Chrome Dev Tools to add a new width value to the Div tag that constrains the bubbles. (Let the bubbles go free!!)

Hey Steve, sorry to leave you hanging here. I have to give you the line that we know this is an issue and we’re taking steps to make something possible. But we’re juggling a lot of other UX issues and design fixes at the same time. So it’s something we’re squeezing in, but still experimenting, and I can’t be definitive about timeline, yet. Sorry.


I would be happy with a clean way to just simply print out the student roster with their progress on a page!
That way when i print, i can date-stamp for simple progress in the lessons for accountability while i continue to look at the actual individual responses for formative feedback-


I shall pass on your request to the team. I would love this feature too!


I am wondering if there is/is going to be a way to download the progress for courses A-F as well. I would love to be able to sort in a spreadsheet. Or even if there were a way to sort by how far along a student is.


Wondering if this was ever implemented… it would make my life much easier, not to mention ensure the longevity of being able to use in our ever growing classrooms.

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Not yet, as far as I know.

Would be great if new orgs like could adopt standards out of the gate. Like build in Moodle instead of “roll your own” or at least implement SCORM standards from the begining.

I completely understand the difficulties of the build/buy paradigm but when building for a community it seems you take the early pain of inveating the the tech that is already in use. (You’d have to build in PHP which is a bummer :))

We’re working to vastly improve student progress views, standards alignments and making data import / export much easier. We want to support better integration with existing LMS’s but it’s tough. Our engineers looked into SCORM once and I think one spontaneously combusted.

So this is all behind the scenes work right now, probably not shipping until a year from now. <-- note: this is not a promise :slight_smile: