Checklist for the Explore Task

I am wondering if any teacher has create the checklist for the Explore Task. I believe it would help the students tremendously since we teachers can’t make the suggestions for their writing…? If you do, please share with us. Thank you very much!!

Hi @awei,

Have you checked out’s Explore PT Survival Guide? It’s in the Explore PT unit, Lesson 3: (update 2/26/19: see updated link at the bottom of this post)

At the bottom, you’ll see the Survival Guide. There are checklists near the end. The survival guide also contains some other useful information and tools.

(There’s one for the Create Task, too! It’s in the Create PT unit, Lesson 3.)


(Update 2/26/19: This post links to the Survival Guide from the older curriculum. The Survival Guide for the current curriculum is in the Explore PT unit, Lesson 2: