Choosing a topic from the Survival Guide?


The survival guide clearly states that topics from the survival guide can be used.

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Yes it’s true. They can certainly use one of the innovations from that list if it’s a good choice. Not all of them are. I would recommend the students find their own though. All those on that list are way over used!


The guide for teachers on states " Teachers may not: * assign, provide, or distribute specific topics to students;"

Doesn’t this list in the survival guide do exactly that?


I believe it’s ok as long as you don’t require the students to chose one from the list. The list just one resource they can use to find a topic of interest to them.


QUICK Question.
There is a question asked of students when they submit CREATE PT. They need to tell if they used JAVASCRIPT or APPLAB.

Is it OK the select either?



Yes it should be. JAVASCRIPT is the “more correct answer.”

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