Chromebooks and Adafruits

Has anyone else had troubles getting their Chromebooks to recognize their Adafruit’s CPLAYBOOT drive?
In the past my students have had PCs to work with. This year we have moved to only Chromebooks. However, we are lucky to get it to recognize the CPLAYBOOT drive once and then the students have to remove their profile and restart their Chromebook to be able to download programs to their Adafruit’s. Anyone else??
I see that there were others having issues in 2019, but not sure if those are still happening or if a solution has been found since then?


I don’t use Chromebooks or I would be happy to try and test it… maybe another teacher can chime in. Have you contacted to see if they may be able to help?


Thank you for responding. I just reached out to, so hopefully they will be able to help.

I remember this happening to one of the people in my quarterly workshop. We found that he needed to download the Serial Connector App from the Chrome Webstore for it to work.