Circuit express battery pack

I purchased battery packs to go with my circuit express kits and they do not fit! What battery pack will fit the express or is there an adapter that I can use to make the battery packs I have work?

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Not sure which ones you purchased, but these should work. I have both Microbits and Circuit Express boards and the battery packs that came with my Microbits work with the Circuit Express boards.

I noticed that Adafruit battery packs are currently all out of stock.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you so much! I ordered them today😀

Might I ask why I might need battery packs for the Circuit Playgrounds since it was note in another post that it isn’t possible to download programs from Unit 6 into the Circuit Playgrounds to run off of the computer. Thanks!

Hi @koliner,

The Circuit Playground will remember the most recently downloaded program and can run it when not plugged in (if not for’s Maker app, then for other apps). I’ve built a model earthquake detector using the onboard accelerometer and LED lights, for example.