Circuit playgrounds disconnecting while in use

While my students are using the Circuit Playground they keep disconnecting in code studionlessons. Students need to keep going back to level one to reconnect the board. We are in Physical Computing '22-23


I’ve had that happen as well. I’m not sure why, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to click on the ? in the top right corner of your screen and “report a problem.”

Also, not sure if this is faster, but I just have this page open as another tab in my browser for a quick reset.


Thanks for your reply. I am not using the Maker App any longer - in '22’23 version I can connect right into my Macs.
If you hear of any reason why they are disconnecting please share.
Thanks again.


That’s the same with me, so reporting it will help get it to the engineers to look at and if they find something, they can report back to you.

Also, that page will still reset them although it was originally created for the maker app. Just “checking” your circuit playground on that page will reset it on the mac. At least it does for me.

Good luck!


I had this problem too, but just had students refresh on the bubble they are on and then it connected and they didn’t have to go back to the first bubble to connect


Thanks for that info. I’m going to have to see if that works for me.


Doesn’t work for me. Sometimes we even have to unplug from the USB to get the computer to find it again.