Circuit Playground Boards Losing Connection to Maker App on Macs

I’m using Circuit Playground Classics on Apple Mac computers running Mojave and Maker App 1.1.6.

Our circuit boards keep resetting to a single white light after clicking the board setup icon (gear) or going to the setup page. They will turn green, play the song, and then get stuck on a single white LED (position 9 I think…just to the right of the USB connection).

Also, when running the code on activities, we need to press the reset button on the board, wait for the rainbow lights, AND refresh the code window every time we want to run the code. The board will only stay connected for one run of the program.

Any help? This adds quite a bit of time to our work.

Hi @nhanson,

If you’re already running the latest version of the app (which it appears you are), I’d recommend emailing for help with this issue. That definitely sounds like a bug to me. If you can include a short video, that might help them figure out what’s going on.

Best of luck,
–Michael K.