Classroom Website Project

I’m working on making another project for students to complete for Unit 2.

Instead of being a personal website where students choose the material to put on the website to express themselves, students will work with a teacher and their classmates from a different class as a web designer to make a class webpage.

For example if the student takes photography, they could make a website that shows off some stand out project from the class.

The intention of the project is to give them experience in making something for a client that doesn’t necessarily have experience with how to make a website. The project also relies on them getting material from their classmates in the other class to fill up their website.

Attached I have the current project guide, feel free to use it. If anyone has any suggestions or questions feel free to post them here!

AdlerTeacherWebsite.docx (18.2 KB)


@mradl3r, thanks for sharing!!!

I updated the project guide: AdlerTeacherWebsite.docx (20.7 KB)

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