Clean Code & White Space Lesson?

Many of the rubrics that come with the projects and assignments say things to the effect of “Clean Code” or “White Space.”

I know what these mean, but I don’t recall there being a lesson that describes these to students. I could go out and find resources, but I would first like to make use of materials if such a thing exists.

Anyone know where something like this is found? Some old posts I’ve seen points to Unit 2 Lesson 8, but currently that is “Intellectual Property.”


Hmm… I’m trying to remember if there is a specific lesson on it. It is covered in the documentation here: Whitespace

If anyone knows of a specific lesson, please respond!


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If I remember correctly, this is a carry over from previous versions of the curriculum that were more purposeful in teaching clean code and using white space. The current curriculum is more about showing good code repeatedly and encouraging clean code and white space in the increase in debugging lessons. I would agree that it is not purposefully taught as much as it is modeled throughout.


I think this would be a great addition to the curriculum - a mini-lesson /video or example in a level.

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This kind of feedback would be great to send to so they know what teachers want in future curriculum rollouts.