Clever Roster Not Updating and Keeping them In the Same Course as Last Year


I teach coding each year for a trimester in an elementary school and we use Clever to sync and roster students. This year, students used Clever to login and it put them in the same course and saved progress from last year. I would like them to finish that course, but need the roster to update to reflect the new classroom placement for this year. Is that possible or is the only option to have them join the new class via a code and either restart the course they are in or simple place them in the current grade level. My issue is they do not get enough time to finish a course, and thus miss the more advanced work found towards the later half of any given course.


Hi @ppaxton,

I would try assigning the new course, which I believe will then display the new course as an option on their landing page. Their old courses should remain on their landing page, allowing them to go back and complete them if they wish.

Not sure I completely understand the situation. Did that answer your question?