Problem with co-teacher advice

I have read the documentation on co-teachers at which says:

Can I add a co-teacher to my section?

There is currently no way to add a co-teacher to your section. The best solution is to have two teachers create their own sections with the same set of students. If you use Google Classroom or Clever rostering, this can be achieved by syncing to the same Google Classroom or Clever section. Otherwise, a teacher can copy over their students to another teacher’s sections through the “Move Students” button.

We are using Google Classroom for student accounts and have issues with trying to do this. If a teacher creates a section and syncs to Google Classroom and then the co-teacher does the same thing, the sections disappear for the first teacher.

Is there anything we can do so both of us can see student progress?

Hi, Bryan here from! I had a couple of clarifying questions to help me understand the issue a bit better: is the section disappearing entirely from the teacher dashboard for the first teacher, or is it just the student roster that is getting cleared out?

It’s disappearing entirely. We are importing the class from Google Classroom.

Thanks for the additional information! Can I please ask you to file a support ticket here: I’d be happy to help out more there so we can exchange information more easily. Just mention that you were being helped by “Bryan” :slight_smile: