Is there a way to add a co-teacher to a section?

Simple question, I will be tag teaming the AP CSP class next year and would like to add multiple teachers to the sections I create, is there a way?

Thanks, Roger

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Hi @mrgreenlee

Check out this blog post for information about how to have students in two teachers sections. Its towards the bottom of the article.



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Old post but I’m hoping to find an answer to this too. The link provided only talks about moving a student to another section. I have another teacher who would like to monitor his progress.


Hi David,
The process for this actually almost the same as moving students. At the last step, you’d just want to choose “Yes, I want to copy student(s) to be in this current section AND the new section”. This will you and the other teacher to monitor the student’s progress.

I have this same question, but it’s not what has been answered. The question is how to add a teacher to a section, not have a student in two teacher sections. How do I add an additional teacher to one section? Thank you.

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There is no way to “add a teacher” to a section. If you want two teachers to both be able to assign units or monitor progress, both teachers should make a section. The teacher who currently has the students in their section can copy them all into the new teacher’s section. If there are needs you have that wouldn’t be addressed by this, please let me know what they are. I hope this helps.

Thanks Mike. I have a course set up for my quarterly regional meeting and would like my co-facilitator to also be a teacher in that course. That’s what I need. Thank you!

How can I monitor the substitute teacher if a co-teacher cannot be added to the account? She does not have a programming background and I have been trying to help her.

Do you need to be able to see what the substitute is doing as they are learning the code or what the students are doing? If you are trying to monitor her progress in the lessons, she could be added as a student to your teacher account and you could see her progress, but if you are just trying to see how the students are doing, having both of you as teachers and having the students in both of your classes should accomplish that goal.

If you are just trying to see how the teacher is changing their settings (like to hide parts of the course), it seems like you would have to have more direct access to their account like password sharing. Personally, I’m not sure there’s anything overly sensitive in my code teacher account that I wouldn’t trust with another teacher. I may password share while they are a sub and then change passwords when they were gone … I guess it depends on what you need to monitor.

Mike W (not the same @mike)

Would be a really great future add on to to be able to have multiple teachers assigned to one account. So that they could have their own login but we all see the same class/progress etc.


I love this idea. If you use the “Report a problem” feature, there’s an option in the “Your inquiry” line that says “I’d like to request a feature”. These requests go right to the engineers. I say send it in!

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This “password share” option is not a good option. Many of us login with our Google Accounts so that is obviously not smart to share passwords in your Google Account.

Agreed. I think the best “current” option is to have both teachers create a course and have the students sign up under both teachers or have teacher 1 copy the students to teacher 2.

This way, both preserve their own password and both can see the progress of all students.


Hi we are having a similar issue but we want all our classes on one account - each class as a different section. When other teachers have tried to login using the generic login details we used, it is saying invalid login when it isn’t. For our school we just want to see as a whole school when monitoring and looking at assessment how each class/pupil is doing. This would save a lot of time rather than logging in to each teachers’ account and it creates a bigger picture on one screen rather than 12 separate pages. Not sure why the generic login isn’t working on other teachers’ laptops? (hope that made sense)


I responded on the other thread where you posted this. I would suggest reaching out to to see if they can help you troubleshoot. You may want to provide them the account information in the email so they can look into it.