CSA and CSTA Standards

I have been tasked with finding the priority standards (CSTA) that align with the CSA curriculum. All I seem to be able to find for “Standards Alignment” is to the College Board’s Big Ideas. Am I missing a document somewhere that I can use to help me with this arduous task?

@ron.knapper - I did a quick search and found this page.
This maps to the CSA Conceptual Framework. I will research this further and let you know if I find a map to the CSTA priority standards.

Thanks, yep, that is what I found too, but what I need is the CSTA alignment… I can do it myself, but it’s going to take a bit more time than if someone has already done most of the work.

Greetings Ron!

A document that aligns CSTA CS Standards with the new CSA curriculum is something that is a frequently requested resource. I can confirm that, while this alignment document does not yet exist, that it is in the pipeline to be produced and made available to you all in the near future.

We sincerely appreciate your patience. If you end up having to create your own version in the interim, please feel free to share your experiences, lessons learned, or any particularly difficult alignments that you encountered.