Is it possible to change my username? Also, is it possible to see others’ usernames on the public gallery?

@wutadam - the only way I know how to change a username in is to link on your profile image in the upper right corner and select preferences.

In that window, you should be able to edit the username as well as other profile settings.


In the menu “hamburger” button, you should find a link to users. This should display the public users in


Please let me know if this is what you were looking for. Have a great day!

I think only moderators can change usernames, since I had to get mwood to change my username.

Also, I was talking about on itself, not the forum.

Thanks for your help anyway!


Account level changes such as username can likely only be made by emailing I can’t even change my username on (just the display name).

Also, I don’t know this for sure, so it’s just a guess / my personal opinion, but the galleries were created to go along with the curriculum provided by to middle school students. Some of them are not 13 years old and some of them have accounts under the supervision of their teachers, so privacy is paramount as most school districts require no identifying information be shared about students due to Federal law. Therefore, care has been taken to make them so identifying information can’t even be accidentally shared (such as a student using their own name as their user name).

As a result, this is more restrictive than other websites are, but since that is the main focus of (K-12 education), I am guessing that they probably won’t loosen those restrictions.

I do not speak for them, though, this is just my personal opinion as to why usernames aren’t fully disclosed in the gallery.




I was also questioning of how to change my username in somehow shape or form. This is like my old username that I used to use for a year and was wondering if I could change it?

Hi @pluto and @wutadam ,
You can change your display name by clicking on your name dropdown in the upper right corner and choosing account settings. Your display name is a setting that can be changed, and then scroll down and click update.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: -Lindsay

I’m sorry but, I was talking about the forums. Do you have any ideas of how to change it?

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