Viewing student names

I am just getting started using this curriculum (Computer Science Principles). I had my students create accounts yesterday and I see students in my two classes but I only see user names and not real names. How can I view the actual first and last name of each student?

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When you’re at your dashboard ( home page) and you see the list of your class sections, click the number in the column that represents the number of students in the section (or click the “down” chevron and select “manage students”). On the page that loads, you’ll see a list of your students in that section, with the cells on the left containing each student’s user name as well as real name.

The “real name” is in blue, and the user name is listed under that. However, these “real names” are self-reported when the student signs of for their account, so there could be a number of reasons these names in blue don’t accurately reflect the student’s names as shown on your school roster. On other pages of the site, the default name used is this “real name”, so if you’re seeing names that you suspect are not students’ real names, you might have them go back into their profile and change things accordingly.

You can also manually edit students’ “real names” from that page by clicking the “down” chevron and selecting “Edit”, but this is a pretty manual process if you’re looking to change whole sections.


Thank you for your help. I guess I have some students who think they are so funny not using their real names.

They would do that?? :astonished:

My students always used their real names. :innocent:


Don’t remember how many times I used that feature to manually change their names…

Thank you for your help