Code Prasentation Materals


Dear Sir/Madam

We are a school engaging in
teaching robotics to children as a external subject using arduino environment. To improve our student knowledge we have decided to include electronics and ICT lesson ( CODE ) to the syllabus . therefore it would be much appricited if you can provide us presentation materials that we can use to teach to our student electronics and programming like C++. We would like to buy it at reasonable price

Presentation materials Means
C++ and Electronics fundamentals, Lab notes, practical
project notes some animation to explain about electronics component and
videos to the children

Students Grade 6 to 9
Your prompt reply on this regard is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance
Dayan Lesly



We don’t do a lot of work with hardware in CS Principles. You might consider checking out Unit 6 of CS Discoveries (link to course description) if you want to see what this actually looks like. None of our curriculum is written in C++ unfortunately. I’m not sure if I entirely understand how you’d like to integrate these materials into your own project, but if you go look at that unit you might have a better sense of what we have. Generally speaking all of our curriculum, video, lesson plans, activity guides, etc. are freely available.

Hope that helps,