Code review on but tells students have teacher turn on

I put all students in the same code review group and saved. (It is difficult for me to insist students only work with certain classmates and I want us to have the flexibility of any classmate. )
But even though I did this group multiple times, the students see a note telling them to have their teacher turn review on.
So is there a bug, or is there a smaller quantity of students I must stick to when creating these review groups? Thank you

Hi @toni.mcdonough , I’m so sorry this is not going according to plan. I know running code reviews was tricky this summer during our workshops and we appreciate this feedback so we can improve this process to make it smoother. Just so we have a reference, here is a link to the CSA - Code Reviews (Teacher Doc) that goes thru the steps to enable code reviews.

A few issues I have encountered myself is:

  1. Check to see if the toggle switch “Enable Code Review” is on.

  2. Make sure students are on the same Lesson and Level. (Judging from your response I doubt this is it, but worth another look see).

I hope some of this was helpful. Please let us know if you get the reviews to work and what troubleshooting you did to fix the problem.

  • Sam

Greetings Toni,

I am so sorry to hear that the Code Reviews are not working as they were intended for your class. They are such an integral and important part of support and meaning-making for learners that I hope this little road bump doesn’t turn the students off from the process.

I wanted to clarify: are you saying that this group had been able to use Code Reviews previously, but that during the last review they received the message telling them that the teacher needs to enable the feature? I wonder if you might be able to create smaller groups for the sake of experimentation, in order to see if the issue is related to group size.

In order to get the best and quickest resolution to this issue, I want to encourage you to reach out to The team will be able to help diagnose why Code Reviews are not working properly and to get you and your students up and running!

I wish you all great success this year,

No, we have never tried code reviews yet, this was my first attempt.
I specifically asked you if there is a maximum number of students allowed in a code review.
Rather than having me experiment with how many, couldn’t you just tell me how many are the maximum?
I would rather put all my students on the same group so they can have a choice of different members to review them.

yes Sam those are done. Someone from your org mentioned I could try not having so many students in the code review.
That was not how I wanted to do it.
Also if there is a maximum amount allowed, I hope that number is put on the screen so teachers will know.
All of us are on the same lesson and level and I was trying to demonstrate how it is done, but they all receive the message, ‘your teacher has to enable it’

Also even though I click the yellow confirm, it is always still lit up as if it has not processed.
Thank you for your help. Toni

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Greetings Toni,

From my understanding, there is not a cap on how many students can be in a Code Review. I suggested breaking down the Code Review group into smaller chunks in order to debug what might be occurring. I respect that you might not have the time to commit to this, and so I want to encourage you to reach out to in order to receive personalized assistance with the issue and to get it resolved quickly.

Besides the Code Review issues, I hope that you are having a great experience with the new curriculum and that your students keep growing as software engineers!


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