Stuck in code review

In lesson 14 (bubble 4) I have a couple students STUCK in code review and can’t get out…It is throwing an error at them…Ideas? Solutions?

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Greetings Kenneth,

Sorry that your students are having this issue. Code reviews are extremely important, but getting stuck in one makes the whole code review experience frustrating. I have not personally heard of this happening before, and so I want to encourage you to reach out to

If you could provide the error message text that the students are getting when reaching out to the support team, that should help them to narrow down and solve this issue post-haste. Sorry that there is not an immediate fix, but rest assured that we will investigate quickly and get your students back outside the code review black hole that they are currently stuck in.


I have had it happen too. I believe it is because another student left the code review open. I wish I as the teacher had more control over the review as I do with hiding and making it visible in regards to the lessons.