College Board Tests/Quizzes

Is there a way to look by topic within each unit to create a quiz according to That is if I am addressing a standard in code, is there a way that I can find that standard or idea in college board to make a quiz? Now how to make a quiz in college board is a whole other question…

Hi Ryan,

If I understand your question correctly, you want to know how to use the College Board site to create a quiz that aligns with a particular standard so that you can assess the standard that you are addressing in a particular lesson. As a moderator of the forum I don’t have a deep knowledge of the College Board platform, so the following is my best guess.
When I log in to I can click on Question Bank:

From there, I am able to filter by standard:

Additionally, when I look at the AP Classroom FAQ, I see the following post which may be relevant:

Hope that helps,

Thank you! That helps.