Compare/Contrast student exemplar websites with online blogs


Since the student exemplars are so basic, we first looked at the student exemplars. We talked about good elements and bad elements of the example sites (difficult to read some text, busy background, etc.)
Then, I published links to the following websites/blogs (after having our tech department confirm that the sites were not blocked to students). Each student chose one site to visit. They flipped over their worksheet and wrote down things they liked about the site they chose (about 6-8 mins) and then we shared about things they saw incorporated into those sites (links to social media, etc.) that ideally, if they already knew how to code, they would like to have in their own site.](


This is an excellent idea! I’m totally stealing it! :+1:


Thanks. I felt like exposing them to some actual blogs/websites that really “express” a person was something they needed to spark their imaginations beyond the student samples.