Condensing Unplugged lessons to fit CSD Unit 4 in 12 lesson?



Background: I am doing my 1st year of CSD. Overall plan is teaching Units 1-3 to 7th grade (2 days per week) and Units 4-6 to 8th grade (2 days per week). I have about 65-70 class sessions, which gives ample time to cover the 7th grade material.

However, this first year, I’m trying to accelerate with 8th grade and give them most of the course since they only have 1 year with me. We are finishing U1 (skipping lessons 7/8) and mapping ahead, I have allotted the full time or close to it for U2, U3, and U6. I think we will do Lessons 9-11 of U5 Data.

For U4, can you recommend any of the unplugged lessons that could be combined together, or skipped, if I only have about 12-14 sessions total for the unit? Looks like it takes about 20 class periods to cover the material as listed…


I am having to try to complete the entire CSD in one year with my current students too. I have been looking at how I could make Unit 4 shorter as well. It looks like most of the work is pretty essential, however it also looks like some of the lessons could be shortened by not doing all of the activities.

For instance, the first week looks like it may be able to be completed in about 3 days instead of a week by cutting the activities short. I hope to be in this unit at about the 2nd or 3rd week in January and plan to try compressing it. If we haven’t heard from anybody else, I will reply and let you know how it is going.



Thanks so much for this feedback!!