Possible to condense Unit 1?


Last year I taught Unit 2 and Unit 3 to my 7th graders. I only did two lessons in Unit 1 to start off, and realized that was a mistake. However, while I would love to spend significant time on Unit 1, I only see my students twice a week for 40 minutes each period and I would like to be able to get through Unit 3 by the end of the year. Has anyone successfully condensed Unit 1? If so I would love to get some tips on how to do it.


Hi Joshua

My suggestion for shorten Unit 1 would be to combine lessons 2 & 3. I would cut somethings out of each individual lesson and skip lessons 7 & 8. By doing this, it should take you 5/6 days to complete Unit 1. Unit 1 is pivotal for setting the classroom environment, introducing the Problem solving process and introducing the students to the 2Ps and 3 Cs.


I agree… You can’t cut too much out of it, because it is so important. Maybe there is a way to have some of the lessons done at home, then discussed in class upon return? That might help a bit as well.