How do I know what are the essential components of each unit?

We have a very limiting middle school schedule which is only allowing each grade level (6-8) a total of 30 days per school year with the class that we are covering CSD in. How do I know which parts of each unit are not 100% needing to be covered, what I can skip, what I can condense, etc?


Oh goodness. That is not much time. I would love to say just get through chapter one of Unit 2 - Web Design with HTML. I love that unit because kids feel successful quickly and you can intertwine problem solving lessons from Unit 1 as the kids are working through the Unit 2 HTML lessons. BUT I would also ask if you will see kids again each year and are the classes split by grade? So could they cover Chapter 1 of Unit 2 in 7th grade and Chapter 1 of Unit 3 in 8th while your 6th graders complete the CSF Express course (see my suggestion below to read this post)Here are my suggestions for getting started and others may give suggestions as well:

  • Take a look at the pacing section from the curriculum guide. It gives a good overall view on how long each unit is.
  • Search this forum for other posts. “Pacing” is a great keyword and there are many posts. I particularly liked this one. Although it is from 2017, @mike gives some good advice to consider having your 6th graders start with the express course.
  • If you have further questions, you can always post again here for further advice.


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