Unit 5 in 20 days? 40 minute class periods?

I am running out of time! First time teaching CSD. Can anyone give me tips on how I can teach Unit 5 in 20 school days with 40 minute periods? Any tips on this would be great.

Should I skip the big lesson 8 project and get to lesson 15 to spend time there?

Any help is appreciated.

@apatel There are many ways you could approach this. Some people would prefer to teach every lesson as is and just see how far they get. Others might omit certain parts of the lessons (warm ups, wrap ups, etc.) in order to fit it all in. Unit 5 is special in that the first and 2nd chapters are very different. You could, potentially, cherry pick chapter 1 and focus on chapter 2 or the other way around. Would you rather students focused their learning on how computers represent data or how to utilize big data? Chapter one is all about how computers represent data and chapter two is more about utilizing big data. You could omit aspects of one and focus on the application of two. Not sure if this helps, but Unit 5 in 20 days is doable if you are very thoughtful about your desired outcomes for the final project. Good luck!

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