How many days for Unit 5?


I hope I didn’t overlook this question being asked earlier!
Assuming that they only work in class, how many days would you say your students took to complete Unit 5?
Many of the stages are involved with lots of bubbles. We are approaching the end of 4 weeks with 49 minute periods.
Thanks for sharing!



My classes meet four times a week (3 single periods of 46 minutes, 1 double of 97 minutes). We started Unit 5 in late January. Most of the students were able to through Lesson 10 by mid-March when we started the Create task. Some students with prior programming experience and, frankly, better independent learning skills, were are to push ahead through the rest of the unit.



I find my students often move slower than the recommended time prescriptions in the lesson plans.I have also noticed on occasion, some students move faster. Now, having taught Unit 5 for the second year (2015-16, it was part of Unit 3), I’ve found using way-points for grades to help keep the students motivated an moving along. To answer the original question, I’ve found 6 weeks @ 5 days a week @ 50 minute class periods will allow my students to complete unit 5.