Time required to finish Unit 3?


I’m new in teaching CSP, in order to practice and regarding time given in my school, after your experience, how many periods are needed to complete Unit 3 (1 period = 60 min)


If you want to do everything including the project at the end and some sort of assessment, I think the absolute minimum you could get away with is about 12 60 minute periods. Possibly as many as 15-16 depending on how much class time you want to give for the practice PT at the end, and if you want to spread a couple of the lessons out a bit. My classes were able to complete each “stage” on Code Studio in one 60 minute class period each, but I have relatively small classes and I required them to do anything they didn’t finish in that day’s class for homework.


Thanks for your reply. I actually have also a small class (4 students). Its an elective course. They took like 4 periods a week. Its part of Grade 12 (about 120 periods all year). I decide this year to add some CSP courses to Flash, Illustrator and Game making courses.
I really need some help starting term II.