Conditionals Mini Activity

To help my students with conditionals and the coordinate grid, I did this as a mini activity.

(I added the && just so they could see what this would mean, especially for those that are more advanced and may want to add more to their cards and games).


Wow! Thank you for sharing this! It looks like it would be a great reinforcement, mini lesson, or even a small assessment.

Do you have an answer key for this at all? I guess I am really struggling to even understand this or its purpose as the code by itself in code studio will do nothing. So for the first one I would fill everything to the right of the 150 x line? Is that correct.


I don’t want to speak for her, but yes, that’s how I understood it. The code doesn’t do anything in code studio because you’d need to create a variable and then a shape to fill the area, but I think this was just a quick check on the X and Y axis and how they aren’t the same as a math, and working through conditionals.

Hope that helps,

My students were struggling with the greater than/less than conditionals, especially how the grid works different than in math. In addition, last year several students had trouble getting some of their game components to work because of wrong inequality signs. (Brad was correct in that it is a check of the x and y axis and working with conditionals).

I created this to put in their journals to help them with what does it mean when the x values are greater than 150 or what does it mean when the y values less than 300. The last two were for students at a more advanced level to see an and statement.

The key is in the second page of this document.

Coloring Conditionals.docx (201.9 KB)