Conditionals with Cards (Course 2, Lesson 12) Unplugged

How do you teach the Conditionals with Cards activity from Course 2? Share your best practices here.

Can someone provide me with some clarification on the difference between If and Else If…are they simply two different options that are offered when the condition is false … or…is Else If viewed as a sub condition? I am confused!!

I use the a deck of cards to teach my Conditionals. My example is:
IF the card is red, you get a point, ELSE I get a point (Card has to be black)
IF the card is red and a face card, you get a point, ELSE I get a point (Card has to be black or a red # 1-10 card)
(Remove face cards) IF the card is even, you get the number of points on card (red or black), ELSE I get the points on the card.

Hope this helps.


I am looking at the Conditionals with Cards assessment activity and I am confused by the answer key.

If (Card is lower than 5)
If (Card is Black)
Award YOUR team the same number of points on the card.
Award OTHER team 1 point.
If (Card is Hearts)
Award YOUR team 1 point

Team 1 draws a 3 of clubs (black) for 3 points

Team 2 draws a 7 of hearts (red) for 1 points

Team 1 draws a 4 of hearts (red) ON THE ANSWER KEY it says 3 points. Should not team 1 have 4 points (3 points from the first draw and 1 point for the red heart)?

Team 2 draws a 4 of clubs for 6 points ON THE ANSWER KEY but should not team 2 now have 5 points?

Am I reading the statements incorrectly?

Here’s a video that might also help…

Thank you! I watched it and it made more sense. I missed the general idea of the If Else statement hierarchy determining which if else statement would be followed.

I feel like you could even build on the cards by having them add further layers like “if it is a face card, double points” or more.
Has anyone tried using beads or any other method of teaching conditionals? Such as “If blue bead, add red bead, else random bead.”
You could also teach conditionals more actively with games like Simon Says!

rrddell I like your answer I could have written what you wrote